Last Update: Wed, 3 Aug 2022



Cars & Coffee Days


Second Sunday of each month. Little Ship Cafe, 621 Lores Bonney Drive, Archerfield, Brisbane. 7.00am to 10.00am.

Saturday, 30th July 2022

Willowbank Drag Day


Gold Coast Muscle Car Association. Starting at 12.00 midday at Willowbank and race till 3.00pm. If you want to you can tryout for the street series which is on after us at no extra cost. 

If you have not paid and booked in please do so urgent this week as we need to pay Willowbank for the day and that depends on the amount of cars we take.  So if your mates want to come they must pay and book in this week and let us know they have,  don't care what car or bike they bring it is all about having a blast and having a great time.

Saturday, 3rd September 2022 to Sunday, 4th September 2022

Toowoomba Swap Meet 2022


Toowoomba Showgrounds. One of the three largest swap meets in Australia. Up to 12,000 people attend the swap meet, including approximately 1,750 site holders and a volunteer force in the hundreds.


What's Revving
Monaro by HOLDEN. Out to drive you wild. Holden Monaro GTS 2 Door + 4 Door
The 2008 Concept Coupe 50