Last Update: Tue, 20 Oct 2020

Presidential File

Presidential File

October 2020

Hi Members,

It’s been a better month with the restrictions lifting a bit.  Great work on the social distancing while out and about. It’s been good to see everyone trying their best and nice to see your faces again. Also good to see a few new faces on the run.

Awesome venue choice for the Esk run. Great drive and nice town. It would have been even better drive if my Monaro had started. All sorted now and looking forward to getting it back out there soon. 

Keep you eyes and ears open for up coming events on the Facebook events page.  

Be ready with your ideas at the next monthly club meeting.

Drive safe,

James Ketchell
Club President


What's Revving
Monaro by HOLDEN. Out to drive you wild. Holden Monaro GTS 2 Door + 4 Door
The 2008 Concept Coupe 50