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Presidential File

Presidential File

July 2018

Hi Members,

Congratulations to John and Linda on their achievement for “Volunteers of the Year”. Well deserved. So many amazing helpers in our club that it was a BIG decision! Thank you so much to everyone that helps. If we could, you would all be rewarded. The Wivenhoe Dam President’s day was fantastic. Beautiful weather, free food, smiling faces, families everywhere and of course the cars. Great to see new affiliate car members and Monaro owner members participate.

Our annual ASMF Swap meet held in North Ipswich also was a success with those members raising funds for our club. The early morning was not cold for a change and the rain held off to allow us to run the event. Thanks again to those dedicated members who volunteer their time.

There are so many car events we are all invited to, and it can be overwhelming at times. Everyone uses their own circumstances to choose which events they are able to attend. No one can attend every single event, and like most of us, it depends on your health, work, finances, enthusiasm and relationships with others. I simply choose what fits in with me, and I hope everyone else does the same. No pressure, just enjoyment every time I go.

August 8th is our AGM, and thus provides the opportunity to have your say by vote. Consider carefully those you choose and put up your hand if you would like to assist. Many hands make light work - and in a great club. There are always great volunteers. Please have a go. You’ll meet more people, and get to know them with your efforts.

Jumpers & Jazz is this weekend. Every year we head to Warwick to enjoy the local hospitality. They close the main street and fill it with vehicles and many other interesting displays. We always have an amazing time with the locals who allow us the privilege of sharing their interests and company with us. Join us, you’ll love it!

As a bit of history, the HQ range was released when I was 10 years old. I saw my first one and didn’t like it compared to the HK, HT, HG range. Things change and not just our age, but our tastes. By the time I was 17, the last HQ was just a 3 year old car, and, HZs just didn’t look as good. I purchased four 235/60 Bridgestone tyres, a set of 8”x14” Aunger Trident alloy wheels, two k-mac stabiliser bars, a sports steering wheel, rear pump-up air shocks and my Clarion stereo with graphic equalizer, four duel-cone air-suspended speakers, all to suit that HQ I had not found yet. My bedroom at home was a clutter of new parts. I then went searching for that awesome HQ and finally found one. A 1972 HQ Wagon, six years old and still at new prices. They held their value in those days!

It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years since the iconic HK Monaro was first available to enthusiastic buyers. I’m sure my mum purchased her HK new just the other day. I remember well that the red side wall tyres cost her an extra $5 each, and the old man went off about the cost, but she said they were well worth it. Twenty years later I brought my first HK Monaro for $200. I sold the wheels for $160, and had a dead straight, rust free HK Coupe for $40!  No bull!  I cleaned her up, assembled a drive train, had her registered, and it wasn’t liked by my good wife. I sold her for $1250 with rego. No, not the wife. Oh how values have changed. 

Back to the present, and our club meetings give you a chance to catch up, share those old memories, chew the fat, find out what’s going on and most importantly have your say. Members are the “Monaro Club of Qld”. Your club, your decisions.

Rod Boyle

Club President


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