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Presidential File

Presidential File

May 2018

Hi Members,

For me it seems like the months disappear all too quickly. I’m sure it’s not the same for everyone. Club functions take up such a small proportion of my time but mean so much to me. Good people, fun times, enjoyable drives and car conversations are the norm on runs like our last one to Mt Tambourine.

I just love it!

I have recently been reminded whilst renovating bathrooms, do it once, do it right. Just like our cars. The hurdles, pain, planning, expense and never ending issues with suppliers of both materials and labour all fade away as time goes by and you get to enjoy and appreciate the end result. I have been told of so many bad experiences with car restoration over the years, it is good to hear that some still take pride in their work and in their reputations. If you know of such people, please share this with other club members.

For those building, creating and rejuvenating their prized possessions, take some advice from those that have been bitten before - do it once - do it right! I for one decided that I could not afford the quality that I wanted in the initial build, buying several inferior bits and paid for it later, replacing many parts and wasting time and money in the process. I advise you to research carefully and ask those that have gone before you. That’s the beauty of being a member of a club like ours. We don’t know it all, but lots of people know a piece of the puzzle and unlike some competitive motorsport, we like helping each other.

Coming up soon is our annual Presidents Day at Wivenhoe Dam. Most members have been before and we always seem to have a good turnout in numbers. Bring a plate to share for morning tea. If you haven’t been, please jot this one in your diaries. See the club newsletter or web page outings information for details.

We are surrounded by friends and colleges in our club and it is always a worrying time when we know members are unwell or have family who aren’t the best. If you know of someone who is in this situation, let our secretary Shane know, so we can join forces to wish them better times ahead. That’s what we are here for. Thinking of you Terry and Kaz. Get better Terry, we all really do care.

Remember the club meetings actually give you a chance to catch up, chew the fat, find out what’s going on and most importantly have your say. Members are the ‘Monaro Club of Qld’. Your club, your decisions.

Rod Boyle
Club President

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