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Presidential File

Presidential File

December 2017

Hi Members,

Well the threat of rain put a stop to our planned Kingscliff run once again. Disappointing, as I was truly looking forward to the drive and comradery. We cannot control the weather. 2018 will allow more opportunities to enjoy our passion. Check out the website or Facebook page and see what’s on soon.

I will take this opportunity to thank all of the members for their mateship, conversations and support. I would like to make a big deal of thanking those who have assisted the club over the year. Some people work in the background doing what seems insignificant... IT IS NOT! Without all those little bits, the big bits do not happen. The support from the committee has been terrific with those in elected positions being there for many years. THANK YOU.

Don’t be shy. If you can offer any of your skills to assist the club, let us know. We always appreciate help.

I truly hope everyone has a blessed Christmas with family and friends enjoying the season. I also know that a number of you will be working on those beautiful cars, building, improving and maintaining them. I hope all the results come to you and we notice the differences when next we meet.

Whether you are into socialising, modifying, racing, showing or just cruising, I know there will be something for everyone in 2018. If you are reading this and you are not a member, or you haven’t attended a meeting for a while, have a look on the website for general meeting times, put a date in your diary for next year and come and meet some of the friendly members. Raffles, information, nice people with a common interest, what could be better? Remember you only have to have a GMH product to join.

Albert River Winery Christmas function should be a blast, so I will see you there, even if it’s raining. Bring your club car and wear a club shirt if you can. EJ will take a few pics.

Remember, it’s the people that make the cars great! That is you!

See you then,

Rod Boyle
Club President

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