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Presidential File

Presidential File

March 2018

Hi Members,

We all have different stories to tell that have brought us to this point in time with our passion. For me, it started with Matchbox cars at age 7, followed by Bathurst each year on the 26” Astor Black and White valve Television, then 1:24 scale models with V8s, plug leads made from red cotton, (in the correct firing order) and white “GOODYEAR” raised print on the tyres, written carefully, using a sharpened tooth pick dipped into thinned paint.

It took a while before the slot cars were modified and baby powder was laid down on the plastic tarmac to simulate the best burnouts. I eventually progressed to 12 volt vacuum cleaner motors on the Scalextric cars and hinged pick-ups with soft tyres for wheel-standing. When we made an extended track with the neighbours, we required multiple transformers, evenly spaced, to power our 12 metre plus track. Eventually the hidden needles were stood under the front of the 1:24 scale models on the shelf, raising the front end, while cotton wool bellowed out of the rear guards of the two opponent’s cars, drag racing down the simulated drag strip, complete with homemade Christmas tree lights. Yes, those were the days!  I’d love to hear your stories next time we are out with our cars.

Most of us get caught up in the pressures of work, family, commitments and just life. We all need a break from the everyday pressures, but rarely take the time-out we so desperately need. Ask my wife! Our cars, club, cruises, activities and mateship, allows an avenue for that to happen. We just have to commit to the deserving break we all need.

If you are a member and have not attended a club meeting for some time, come along and have a yarn with some fellow enthusiasts. I am always amazed by what I learn from others, both experts and novices. We are all at different levels of automotive creativeness and expertise, but the cars bring us together and because of that, we get to enjoy each other’s company.

Remember, we do have incentives to attend all Monaro Club of Queensland functions, just turn up as a member and your name is in the annual draw. Then you have the raffles each club meeting night with terrific prizes this year and of course, the trophies. More importantly, you have the people. For me, that is the best part. I am sincerely looking forward to the variety of cruises this year, I hope you can all join us.

Rod Boyle
Club President

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