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Outings Report

Outings Report

April Club Outing: Fortitude Brewing Co: Mt Tamborine

Meeting at Napa auto store at 7.30am for a 8.30am departure. Craig, Darryl and myself had arranged with Phil and John at Napa to start our run there with them arranging the Mr. Sandman coffee van and Café Cartel for the food, both of which was a great way to start the day.

Also meeting there was the HR HD Holden club and about another 20 cars filling the car park making between 40 to 50 cars of all makes and models. I would like to start a few more runs from there down the track. Look on their facebook page for photos etc.

We took off from Napa around 8.30am heading down the M1 with about 22 cars cruising along. It took about an hour to arrive at our destination for the day which was the Fortitude Brewery up at Mt. Tamborine, where we had another two Monaro’s already there - so 24 cars for the day.

30 of us did a brewery tour with Tim our guide taking us through how the beer is brewed up there and we took a look at their Drifter panel van (which they have named a beer after).

After that we set about ordering lunch and looking through the cheese shop which had some excellent type of cheeses etc. Linda and I really enjoyed our lunch which was the pulled pork pizza (yummy) and prawn twists, and we had a lot of good feedback on that and the beer or ginger beer which people tried.

After eating those who wanted to walk lunch off went down the gallery walk to the shops while the rest of us sat around yacking about cars for a change. Around 2.00pm, those of us that were left headed for home down the mountain.

It was great to see a few different cars on the day so if you haven’t been on a run for a while or never have, come along and see the rest of us.

Great day, great food, great drinks, great company, great cars. Thanks for those who made the trip up to Mt. Tamborine, with special effort thanks for those of us that were also at the HONK festival the night before.

John Gladstone
Outings Coordinator

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