Last Update: Wed, 4 Apr 2018

Outings Report

Outings Report

March Club Outing: Pointscore Round 1: Ballina

At last we made it to Ballina - after the weather had stopped us heading down that way for Pointscore Round 1 over the last few years.

An early start from the Hyperdome, and we had about 15 cars ready to roll. The sun was out for most of the way, some clouds came over making us a bit nervous.

A stress free run down with another few cars joining the convoy on the trip south. Craig headed down earlier with the trailer and found the park we were heading to set up with markets, but all was not lost - he found another park nearby - phew!

Craig, Harrison, Bailey, James and Bonnie Ketchell and boys had everything set up by the time we arrived. After pointscoring and another Monaro turning up, we had the BBQ’s cooking up the food with the Club putting on a free lunch which was appreciated by all.

We had the normal lot walking pass commenting on the cars, food and trailer.

After eating, the lot heading to Tassie for the Nationals had a get together on an update on a few points. Then after the trailer was packed, everyone started heading for home.

Thanks for those who helped out on the day.

John Gladstone
Outings Coordinator

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