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Outings Report

Outings Report

May Club Outing: Sandstone Point Hotel

Hi Everyone,

What a fantastic time we had at the Sandstone Point Hotel! Beautiful crystal clear May weather, a serene venue looking out over the Bribie Island passage and bridge; plus fantastic food and service.

With 10 cars and 20 people, we met up at the Shell Nudgee Service Centre. There, we met a lovely older gentleman - Freddy, and his grandson Cameron, who are relatives of Gary Summers. Freddy had brought his grandson down from Banyo, to see some Monaros, thanks to a Heads Up from Gary that we would be meeting there that morning. Freddy was hoping that his grandson may get lucky enough to sit in a real car - a Monaro, whilst there at Nudgee. Cameron was thrilled to sit in both John Gladstone’s HQ coupe and in Kaz and Terry’s HG coupe. It certainly made both Freddy and Cameron’s day.

Heading north up the Gateway and then onto the Bruce Highway, we had easy flowing traffic and bright blue skies. Then it was east to Bribie Island. We were all both surprised but thrilled to see the old Beecham Holden Showroom Dealership still was covered proudly in Holden Signage. Claude Wright decided there and then that he would call in there on the way home, for some photos with his HG.

Turning into the Sandstone Point Hotel, we were spoilt as the management had a gate open for us to park our cars on their lawn on display outside the Hotel. Tony McKenzie’s beautiful WB Ute decided that it was time to overheat, so it was bonnet up and Claude and Tony worked away on her.

Once we settled in, it was to the well-appointed Hotel for a hot coffee and morning tea. Lunch options were the Hotel Restaurant, or to the best fresh fish and chips alternative of the Oyster Shed. With serene waterfront location and direct jetty access, the Oyster Shed was just as popular for lunch as the Hotel Restaurant.

After lunch, it was back home to Brisbane down the Bruce Highway. With a stress free drive for all, with no traffic issues again.

Back in Brisbane, Tony’s WB got to overheat again but she was now safely home.

See you all at Wivenhoe Dam in June, for Presidents Day.

Shane Horswill

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